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  • Mackenzie Slack

2023 Christmas Gift Guide

Ladies, the time has come! The holiday rush is in full swing. If you’re someone who puts an emphasis on getting everyone the perfect gift for Christmas, you know the stress that can come when it’s crunch time and you are completely out of ideas. Over here at MSP Boudoir we want to try and make that easier for you this year! We have put together a list of gift ideas for the ladies in your life just to ease some of that stress. This list has a gift idea for every budget and all of them are $50 and under.

Christmas gift guide MSP Boudoir Bolivar, MO.

  • Gift Basket

Now it doesn’t take a genius to realize we are big fans of gift baskets over here, and that is why gift baskets top our list for our Christmas gift guide. The reason we love them is because of how easy it is to keep it broad (think white elephant) or how personalized they can be! A couple of examples would be a cozy basket or a self care basket. The cozy basket could have a blanket, a mug, hot cocoa mix, cozy socks, a cute movie, or snacks. The self care basket could include face/eye/hair masks, facial rollers, body scrubs, bath bombs/shower melts, or a delicious smelling soap or body wash.

  • A Stanley Cup

They may not be for everyone but everywhere I look I see one of these cups! The numerous colors make it a great gift even for someone who already has one. Whether you go for a bright color or one of the neutrals you really can’t go wrong!

  • Everyday Luxury

Think of things you know she uses/consumes everyday. Be it coffee grounds, moisturizer, lotion, chocolate, etc. Try to spice it up for her and pick out something a bit more luxurious than she already uses! Bonus points if it is something you know she loves, but rarely gets because she considers it a splurge!

  • Local restaurant/coffee shop gift certificate

If you know her favorite coffee shop or restaurant this one is sure to be a hit and could technically fit into the category above. But let’s say that you don’t know her favorites, grab a couple smaller certificates so she can try them all out!

  • Taylor Swift merch

Now this one may be a tiny bit of a personal preference, but it’s the year of the Era’s Tour! We over here at MSP are big Taylor fans! Between the official store, Etsy, and anywhere selling her records, you can definitely find something your favorite Swiftie will love and fit any budget!

Now - for you non-swifities - the same idea applies… Her favorite band, TV show, etc. merch is a great way to show her that you see her, what she likes, and that you care!

I hope these few ideas can give you some inspiration this gift giving season!

My last tip (or ask) is that you shop local if and when you can. Local business is the heart of our community!

No matter what gift you give this holiday season, the most important thing to remember about giving your gift is to make it personal. Whether that be with the gift itself or by including a thoughtful card. We all want to be seen, loved, and to know we matter to those around us!




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