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5 Tips For Your Upcoming Boudoir Session

One thing that holds women back from scheduling their boudoir session is nerves, but I’m here to help guide you so that the excitement outweighs the nervousness! Hey there, Mackenzie from MSP Boudoir in Bolivar, Missouri. We are a boutique boudoir studio that specializes in providing empowering experiences for women through tasteful boudoir photography. When you schedule with us, you’ll receive a full prep guide that will walk you through exactly how to prepare for your session. For now, here are 5 of our favorite tips from this guide to help you rock your next boudoir session!


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1.     Hydrate

You may be asking what hydration has to do with a boudoir session – and I would tell you… EVERYTHING. Being well hydrated not only makes you feel good, but it also helps to promote clear and glowing skin! But please don’t worry if you have acne, bruises, or scrapes, these will all be removed during our editing process.


2.     Stretch

Quite possibly the MOST important thing to remember when preparing for your boudoir session. While regular stretching is amazing for your body, we recommend light stretching for at least one week prior to your session and the morning of. Stretching helps promote flexibility and helps to decrease the risk of injury. While we don’t do anything too crazy in the studio, so injury is unlikely, but you will definitely be sore the next day. The increased flexibility will also help you get into poses and hold them much easier (AKA leading to perfect jaw dropping images!).  


3.     Wardrobe

An important part of your session is your wardrobe! Being well prepared here is vital. The first step is thinking about your body and what you do and do not want to show. From there, we can choose outfits that highlight your favorite parts of your body. Another important piece to remember is color. I typically recommend jewel tones, black, or white. Whether you bring your own outfits or borrow from our amazing client closet, we will guide you to choosing the perfect pieces for you. If you want more info on choosing the perfect outfit, click here!


Tasteful classy boudoir photography

4.     Body Prep

All of our sessions include hair and makeup, which means you just need to show up to your session with a clean face and clean and dry hair. However, there are a couple of other things we recommend doing prior to your session. The first, is thinking about hair removal. Check out our blog post for more information on that. The second thing I want you to think about are your nails. You can choose to come with well-kept clean nails or you can choose to have your nails done. If you do choose to have your nails done, make sure to consider the colors you plan on choosing for your wardrobe. No matter what you choose – just avoid chipped polish!

5.     Eat Before Your Session

Now you might be thinking that you don’t want to eat prior to your boudoir session so that you don’t bloat, and I get it. However, I want you to feel good for your session and you will not be feeling well and will not have the needed energy if you have an empty stomach (It can also be dangerous if your blood sugar drops). That being said, I encourage you to eat at least a little something before your session (fruit, protein/cereal bar, etc.) Personally, we try to keep some snacks at the studio in case you forgot to eat or if you just need a little snack.



There you have it, 5 simple tips to help you rock your session! This is nowhere near a complete list, but we hope it gets you thinking and has you feeling a little less nervous about how to prepare for your session!


Have more questions about boudoir? Check out our website for more info.

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