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  • Mackenzie Slack

Boudoir For the Single Woman

One of the top reasons women have a boudoir session is so that they can gift their images to their significant other - and that is amazing! But what if you are currently living the single life or say you do have a partner and they give you the "why would you want to do that?" line? Good news - boudoir is also for the single woman.

Some of my favorite sessions are those with women who are doing this 100% for themselves.

Boudoir photography for women

When you do this for yourself, it's all about what you like! You're not worried about looking good for someone else, you're just focused on feeling good for yourself - and that is POWERFUL.

empowering boudoir experience for women of all body types

There are so many benefits to having this experience just for yourself, two of our favorite benefits are seeing your worth and increased confidence.

These are two of our favorite benefits you get from a session because they truly impact your entire life. You walk different when you are confident and know your worth and you won't accept less than you deserve.

I also believe that when we feel free to be our true and authentic self, we attract the people who are meant to be in our life (Whether that be a partner, friend, etc.).

So, if you've been wanting to have a session but haven't been able to justify doing it because you have no one to give it to - know that you are allowed to do this for yourself, and it is 100% OK and normal to do so!

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