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Why All the Digitals Isn't Always Better - Digital VS Print

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Hey there! My name is Mackenzie and I am the owner of Mackenzie Slack Photography Boudoir (MSP Boudoir) in Bolivar, Missouri. Here on the blog we talk about all things boudoir, self-love and acceptance, photography, motherhood, and life.

Today I want to talk to you about something that keeps coming back to me either from comments from clients, friends, or from educators that have changed my perspective - Why all the digitals isn't always better.

I used to be that client, the one who wanted all the digitals. When searching for a photographer, the more digitals I received for the price – the happier I was. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it is just how I defined and where I found value at the time.


Now, I’m going to tell on myself…


Those beautiful images captured by the most talented photographers have sat downloaded on my computer – for years.


I had the BEST of intentions. I was going to make prints to display in my home. I was going to put together an album so that my children have something to look through, other than a phone, and see themselves grow up.


As a busy mom and business owner, a photographer at that, it just didn’t happen.


Part of it was simply because of time, the other part was because of overwhelm.


I look at these beautiful galleries of my family and think “How do I choose? Where do I start?” What should I get?” and end up stagnant.


Don’t get me wrong, I know a few of my clients who have printed their images and every time it makes me SO DANG HAPPY!


Because these images – these beautiful images – are not meant to live on a computer. They are meant to be enjoyed. They are meant to remind us how blessed we are. They are meant to be a reminder to slow down, because we already have it all.


This realization for me of how hard it was for me to print my own photos (even as a photographer) really changed my perspective on what I value for my own photography needs and also what value I want to give to my clients.


In the past, I have underserved my clients by not providing prints. Which makes me so sad – because I want to serve you well! I want your entire experience, from beginning to end to be extraordinary!


Boudoir photography album Springfield, Missouri

For the last year and a half, I have offered high quality prints and art for my boudoir clients – which has not only been incredible for them, but it has also felt so good to know that their artwork is alive and being enjoyed – as it should be! (Soon this will be the case for the maternity/newborn side of MSP as well!)

I still offer digitals, because we don’t always want to carry our album or wall print around with us… but they are for those times! Those times you want to share your experience with a friend. Those times you’re on a sandy beach vacation and want to remember what a beautiful badass you are to get your confidence going. The times you want to brighten your spouses’ day by sending them a random gorgeous photo of their favorite person.


I also like to take a moment to discuss something else, something I don’t think many people truly realize.


Digital does not mean forever.


I think back to the first computer we owned, which used floppy discs. The next one we owned used CDs. My last two computers don’t have a CD drive, and my current one doesn’t even have a USB drive.


Technology changes, images get accidentally deleted, SD cards corrupt, hard drives crash, electronics get stolen or damaged – worst nightmares happen.


So, my advice to you?


When it comes to digital vs print - get both!


Get the prints and artwork to enjoy, barring being physically damaged/lost/stolen, a good quality album or print will last you a lifetime! But, also have your digitals in a couple (or a few) places to show off and have as a backup.


I hope this reaches you and allows you to evaluate where your value is when it comes to your images. For some, digital is going to be where your value is at. For others, high quality prints plus the digitals is the right option.


Wherever your value lies, find the photographer who gives you the value you desire and the experience you deserve!


I hope you have the best day!


I’m off to send a few years of neglected images to print…





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