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  • Mackenzie Slack

Hannah's Boudoir Experience | Bolivar Missouri Boudoir Photography Studio

The power of boudoir - the incredible experience that leaves you glowing with confidence and seeing a new side of yourself for maybe the first time ever. For many women, it's one of those things you can't really understand until you do it yourself.

Hey there, I'm Mackenzie. I own MSP Boudoir located in Bolivar, Missouri. My boutique boudoir studio serves incredible women in the Southwest Missouri area & beyond!

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Today, I want to share Hannah's boudoir experience with you. Hannah was so sure that she would be disappointed in the way she looked in her photos, but ended up surprising herself!

While Hannah was surprised at her final results, I was not.

To be a woman, is to be the definition of beautiful. We may come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. but we all share the innate beauty that exists simply by being a woman.

Sometimes all we need is to see ourselves in a new light from a different perspective to appreciate that beauty we possess.

Hannah's Interview:

Q: What was your motivation for booking your boudoir session

A: Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and doing something extra special for my husband for our anniversary.

Q: What made you choose MSP Boudoir?

A: The phenomenal photos on the Facebook page that proudly displayed all body types beautifully.

Q: How did you feel before your session vs after?

A: Definitely nervous before. I was 100% sure I was going to be disappointed in my body. However, after the experience and seeing the results, I am able to appreciate myself better.

Q: How did you feel seeing your photos for the first time?

A: Amazed would be the word I'd use to describe seeing the photos. Again, I was so sure I'd be disappointed by how my body looked, but the results allowed me to see myself differently. I realized I can feel amazing about myself even though I don't have the mainstream mold of a beautiful body.

Q: What was your favorite part about working with our team?

A: The empowerment you feel from women just being there to support one another in an extremely vulnerable state.

Q: Would you say that this experience was worth your investment?

A: Absolutely! 1000%

Boudoir photographer southwest Missouri Area

Working with Hannah during her transformational experience was truly a reminder of why I do what I do!

I love watching and getting to be a part of the moment that a woman realizes she is beautiful, exactly as she is. I love the power that moment holds and how, if you let it, it has the power to change your future and the future of those around you.

My hope today, is that you will be a little kinder to yourself and that you will see that you are already beautiful. And more importantly, you will see that you are worthy exactly as you are.



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