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Happy Birthday To Me – The ultimate birthday boudoir session guide

Whether you are celebrating birthday number 21 or 60, boudoir is a great way to celebrate another year of you!

Hey there! It's your boudoir photographer, Mackenzie at MSP Boudoir in Bolivar, Missouri!


Listen, life is short, and too often we don’t take enough time to celebrate ourselves. We deserve to celebrate all that we’ve been through and accomplished, and acknowledge that amazing things wait for us in the future.


So, if you have decided to celebrate yourself in style this year and give yourself the time to be pampered the way you deserve… here is some inspiration for your birthday boudoir shoot!


1.     Do we even have to say this?... ICING!

Not only is it adorable, but it’s super sexy and fun! Smear it, lick it, make a mess!

birthday boudoir session Springfield mo

2.     Candles

You shine so bright, so what better way to show that than to introduce a little spark to your session! Personally, I love sticking the candles on your booty for that perfect booty shot, but the possibilities are endless.

boudoir session to celebrate my birthday

3.     Balloons

Having your birthday number out there shows you are proud of your years… and you should be! You made it here, and you’re not planning on stopping anytime soon.

ways to celebrate a birthday for women


4.     Champagne

A fun and messy way to “shake things up” for your birthday boudoir session! This paired with a bathtub set is ‘chefs kiss’ perfection! P.S. Be prepared for ALLLLL the giggles.

Boudoir photographer Springfield missouri

Whatever you choose for your birthday boudoir session, it’ll be the perfect way to kick off another year of you. Here’s to being pampered, feeling sexy, and being proud to be here!

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