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Springfield Missouri Boudoir: What to wear for a boudoir session

Hey there, and welcome to Mackenzie Slack Photography Boudoir (that’s a mouthful, so we shorten it to MSP Boudoir). Our boutique boudoir studio is located in Bolivar, Missouri, just north of Springfield. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “What do I wear?”. While we answer this question in depth in our client prep guide, I would love to take a minute to share a few of my favorites with you!


The Best Boudoir Photoshoot Outfits

When it comes to picking the perfect selection of outfits for your boudoir session I like to keep the following in mind: Flattering, comfortable, classic, and confidence inspiring.



Springfield Missouri boudoir

When considering what to wear for a boudoir session, a bodysuit is one of my all-time favorite pieces. A beautiful bodysuit is an outfit that checks all the boxes! It's a great piece to start off your session in because they typically provide more coverage, keeping you feeling more comfortable as you ease into the session (don’t worry, you will warm up quick!)


Some important things to remember when choosing the perfect bodysuit:

-      Cups/underwire: While this may not apply to everyone, I highly recommend bodysuits that have cups or underwire. This helps provide more support and gives us more options for posing.

-      Color: My personal preference is to stick to jewel tones, black, and white!

-      Fit: It’s important to make sure that a bodysuit is adjustable and fits well. An Ill-fitting bodysuit not only leaves you feeling uncomfortable, but also makes you feel less than confident. We want it to hug in the right places and avoid riding up or hanging off of you.


(Tip** If you love a good bodysuit but want a little additional support and help showing your curves in all the right places - shapewear bodysuits can be amazing!)



Bra and Panty Sets

What to wear for a boudoir session


Another go-to for boudoir sessions are bra and panty sets. These can be anything from extravagantly embroidered pieces to classic lace. You can even go for a more “cozy” vibe and opt for a Calvin Klein set!


If you are a little nervous about a two-piece set because it shows more tummy, I recommend trying a high waisted set. They are super flattering and give us a little more confidence while still giving us that two-piece look.


Shirts & Sweaters


Always a go-to, is a white button-down shirt! There is so much you can do with this, and if you are gifting your album to your man – he likely has one you can borrow from his closet (which then reminds him of you every time he wears it).


Oversized and off the shoulder sweaters are another great option. Pair it with a set of knee socks and you’ve got the comfy, sexy look down. With sweaters I would recommend avoiding black or dark colors.


(Tip** With sweaters, it is important to remember to avoid bulky knit sweaters with tight necklines. They create a boxy look and don’t allow for many posing options.)


Other Boudoir Outfits/Props

Best boudoir outfits 2024

-       Sheets: I debated on making this an entire section itself or just including it here under “other”. Sheets are an amazing “outfit” for your boudoir session. Not only are they perfect for every body type, but they are super easy and don’t require any thought from you! You can customize a sheet set to your comfort preference by choosing to be completely nude or just topless.


-       Body Chains & Jewelry: One of my favorite things for those looking to step outside of their comfort zone! From simple chains to elaborate pieces, these beauties are sure to empower and leave you saying “Wow!”.


While I would avoid most necklaces due to the dangly/never in the right position look, I will always recommend long strand pearl necklaces!


-       High Heels: While I don’t use them for many poses, a good pair of heels is always makes for a winning image! I would recommend having a good heel on them, of at least 3 inches. (I do not recommend kitten heels, as they just don’t give the support we want)

Client Closet


If you are having trouble finding those perfect outfits, have no fear. We have a client closet you are welcome to borrow from! From XS to 6X, we are sure find something perfect for your session.


No Worries – We’ve got you!


Prepping for your boudoir session can be so much fun, and being well prepared can really let your uniqueness shine. But, at the end of the day – you don’t have much to worry about. Just show up with a clean face and clean, dry hair!


When you work with MSP Boudoir, you not only get access to our prep guide and client closet, but you also get professional hair and makeup and expert posing. All of this mixed with a fun and comforting atmosphere will give you the boudoir experience you have been dreaming of – an elevated experience that you deserve!


We can’t wait to see you inside the studio!


Ready to learn more or book your session? Head to our website:

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Missouri boudoir photographer for women

MSP Boudoir is a boutique boudoir photography studio located in Bolivar, Missouri. Specializing in providing empowering experiences for women, helping them see their beauty, celebrate themselves, and grow in their confidence.



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