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The Best Gift - The Gift Of You | Gifting your boudoir images to your spouse

One of my favorite reasons that women choose to have a boudoir session is to gift their images to their partner! At our boudoir studio in Bolivar, MO. we see women come in for all occasions! The majority of the time they are giving their boudoir images to their spouse as a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or wedding gift.

OK - but why is this one of my favorite reasons my client's choose to have a boudoir session?

For starters - I'm 100% convinced that the best gift you can give to your spouse is the gift of you! They ADORE you - and you are allowed to bask in that adoration.

It's so much fun to watch you get excited about your experience and images and think about how much your spouse is going to LOVE them too!

(P.S. Our clients sending us their husbands/wives reaction - PRICELESS)

My next reason is because while gifting your boudoir images to your spouse is AMAZING, it's also an incredible gift for you!

Raise your hand if you are the woman who rarely does anything for herself... Yep, that's what I thought. As women, we often put ourselves last. We can want to do something, but if it's not for the benefit of someone else - we feel guilty. When you are giving your images as a gift, it gives you the freedom to shed any feelings of guilt you might have!

The first time I see my client's - it's usually because they are giving their images as a gift with the added bonus of having the experience.

The second time I see my client's - it's usually because they LOVED their first experience and this time they are doing it 100% for themselves with the added bonus of giving them as a gift!

So next time you're celebrating...

An anniversary

Getting married

A birthday, holiday, or special occasion...

and wondering "What on Earth do I get them..."

Know you can't go wrong with the best gift - the gift of you!

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