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Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Spouse

Congratulations! You're getting married and are so excited to start this next chapter of your life with your partner. You immediately start to think about your venue, photographer, cake, dress, etc. Once the basics are out of the way, you begin to think about what you want to gift your partner on the day of your wedding prior to walking down the aisle. This tradition gained popularity in the 1920's and is now a special part of most wedding days.

With all of the other choices involved in planning a wedding, you may be spiraling thinking about what on Earth to gift your partner.

Have no fear - our team here at MSP Boudoir is here to help supply some ideas.

Here are our top 6 choices when it comes to wedding gift ideas for your spouse!

  1. Boudoir Album - Of course, our first choice is a boudoir album! You can choose to keep your album modest or turn up the spice a bit. Either way, your fiancé will be gushing over how beautiful you are. In addition, you will walk down the aisle confident and feeling your best! The two of you will have this special album to keep and look back on as your world changes and grows after marriage.

  2. Watch - A watch is a great gift to give to your soon to be husband. A subtle reminder to please be on time, and an even deeper meaning in reminiscing the time spent together already, and the future that awaits the two of you.

  3. Personalized Item - This option is endless. From an engraved case knife and cuff links, to a personalized keychain or whiskey decanter.

  4. Practical Gift - Think cologne, leather wallet, hat, or a new belt!

  5. Simple - sometimes one of the best gifts is a personalized heartfelt letter.

  6. Experience - If there is something that your spouse has really been wanting to experience, this could be a great time to make that dream come true! This could be anything from a romantic getaway, extra adventure on your honeymoon, or something as simple as a sports game they've been dying to get tickets to!

Whatever you decide to go with, your spouse will be so excited to say "I Do!"

Have more ideas? Feel free to leave them in the comments!



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