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Why You Don't Need to Lose Weight Before Your Boudoir Session

I hear it all the time, "I want to lose weight before I book a boudoir session". Hell, I've even said it myself before! Most of us have a few extra pounds that we would like to lose in order to feel sexy and confident... and it's not your fault that we feel this way.

You do not need to lose weight before boudoir

Today, I'm here to tell you why you should just do the damn thing.

Weight is something our society fixates on. The media works as hard as it can to condition us to believe in what a "perfect" body looks like so that they can sell us their weight loss plans and products - all in the name of helping us be beautiful, of course.

Family makes comments when we eat too much or too little, when we gain or lose a few pounds, etc. From childhood to adulthood - we have heard comments made about our weight. (P.S. Let's be the generation to crush our own body image issues and break this cycle!)

Considering all of this, it's no wonder we worry about our weight.

Boudoir for plus size women

And this is why you should just do it.

Because what you have been shown and told your whole life is a lie.

Because you are beautiful - just as you are.

The human body is an INCREDIBLE thing.

Your value nor beauty decrease based on your weight or size - or anything else for that matter.

Honestly, I have never worked with a woman who wasn't absolutely beautiful. And that beauty she possessed had nothing to do with her size.

Springfield MO boudoir photographer

I'm not going to pretend like these beliefs you have taken on as truth are easy to overcome - most of the time they are not. But if you can challenge your idea of "beauty", I promise there is a whole new world waiting for you on the other side.

That's what I love about boudoir - it allows us to see the parts of ourselves that we don't get to see day to day. It shows us new perspectives and can let us see ourselves in a different light. It gives us confidence, and that confidence helps us to be the people we are meant to be.

No matter where you are on this journey of loving the skin you're in - I hope you find courage and confidence today. I hope you walk with your shoulders back and head held high.

Because you are a work of art.

And if you don't believe that yet, let's change that.

Bolivar Missouri boudoir photography / Photographer



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