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  • Mackenzie Slack

Top 5 Reasons To Have A Boudoir Session

Hey there! It's Mackenzie from MSP Boudoir in Bolivar, Missouri. We specialize in boudoir photography and love sharing about this incredible experience every chance we get! It's no secret, the reasons you might have a boudoir session of your own are endless. Here are our top 5 reasons why our client's have a boudoir session!

Boudoir photography session Bolivar, MO.

  1. TO CELEBRATE! - One of the top reasons our client's come in for a boudoir session is to celebrate. Here are a few things we see celebrated often: Birthday, anniversary, getting married, pregnancy, reaching a fitness or career goal. (P.S. Albums make incredible gifts for your spouse!)

  2. TO DO SOMETHING 100% "FOR ME" - One of our favorite reasons to have a boudoir session... to do something 100% for yourself - because you deserve it! As women, we often give until there is nothing left for ourselves. It's so important to pour into and nurture ourselves, to come back to ourselves for ourselves!

  3. TO FEEL COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN - Most of us have been here and probably from a much younger age than we would like to admit! Learning to accept and love our bodies exactly as they are is a journey. Boudoir is one of the powerful tools that can be used on this journey of self love and acceptance. We guide you and give you a great experience to promote healing - the healing portion is up to you!

  4. TO GAIN CONFIDENCE - Confidence is something many of us lack, at least at some point. Helping women find and own their confidence is one of our favorite parts of our job! Here, we believe that boudoir photography can change the world. You may be asking, "What does that have to do with confidence?". Think about it. What would you do in your life if you had the confidence? What incredible experiences do you deny yourself simply because you lack confidence? What amazing change could you make in this world if you had the confidence to do so? Long story short - confidence has more to do with walking into a room and feeling good - it truly has a ripple effect in the world around you and in your life!

  5. TO HAVE FUN AND FEEL DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! - Another favorite reason why women come to us for their boudoir experience... simply because they want to have fun and feel drop dead gorgeous! If it makes you happy and it's not hurting anyone - GO FOR IT! Life's to short to live bored and feeling like a potato 99% of the time! Every now and then, let loose, have some fun, and feel beautiful while you do it!

Whatever your reason(s) for boudoir, just know that there is no wrong reason! If you're not sure if boudoir is for you, feel free to message us! We would love to answer all of your questions about this incredible experience!


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