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  • Mackenzie Slack

Where To Shop For Lingerie

Whether you are preparing for your boudoir session or just wanting something new to spice up everyday life and boost your confidence, lingerie is a fun way to embrace your sexy!


While finding the fit and style of lingerie is its own battle, with online shopping having grown so popular, we also struggle with finding places to shop and try on lingerie in person.

Photographer Bolivar Missouri

Personally, when shopping online – if it doesn’t have a good and easy return policy – I’ll pass. I also want to know it's of good quality & accurate fit so that the odds I have to return something are less.


Lingerie is really personal (obviously).


Just like everyone’s body is different, lingerie pieces are not created equally. One company may offer what you need while another may be the right fit for someone else.

So, where would I recommend to shop?



1.     Adore Me – Adorable pieces at affordable prices. I have photographed multiple sets from their best-sellers page, and they always look 10/10. They also have a good plus size collection (Peep the Emmeline unlined set!). Sizes are customizable with your band, cup, and panty size. They also offer styling boxes, where they style you, you try on for 7 days, and easily send back whatever you don’t like/want to keep! Check out their site: 

2.     Thistle and Spire – For those ok with spending a little bit more on a unique quality piece, Thistle and Spire is where it’s at. Their small, women-founded company, only has 8 members! My favorite part about this company is how much thought goes into each of their pieces. Many of them are adjustable in multiple places, ensuring a great fit. They offer easy returns and exchanges and carry XS – XXXL.

They have a really cool design process. If you want to check it out, you can do so here:

3.     Fascinating Nights – This company offers some really fun and unique pieces from XS to XXXL. Their 14-day return policy and great reviews give you piece of mind while shopping online.

4.     Torrid – You’ve probably heard of this one, and maybe even shopped in person! Torrid can be hit or miss, in my opinion, but they often have some really great finds. Their prices are really decent and they often run sales. From size 00 to 6, it’s a great place to look if you are shopping for that perfect piece to boost your confidence!




1.     Victoria’s Secret – While it’s personally not my favorite fit wise, VS is well-known and convenient. Their styles and colors are really cute and you can try on before you buy! They carry XS – XXL in store.

2.     In the Garden of Eden – Located in Springfield, MO. This company carry’s a selection of lingerie from S to 6XL. Staff are very knowledgeable and help you find what you are looking for.

3.     Shabby Chic Bra Boutique – Sometimes, a beautiful and great fitting bra and panty set is all you need! This shop, located in Springfield, MO. Offers free bra fittings and the reviews all boast of the staff taking the stress out of bra shopping!

4.     Birdies – On my bucket list to visit after a friend recommended them, Birdies is a boutique lingerie and swim shop located in Kansas City, MO. They carry a collection from well-known brands to small, independent designers. Their website makes it known that this is a place you will be celebrated rather than judged, and their amazing reviews back it up!


Thanks for hanging in here with us! While this list is not complete, I hope this guide will help you find a place to start on your journey to finding the perfect lingerie for you – the kind that makes you feel beautiful, confident, empowered, and sexy!


I’d love to know if you have any hidden gems or favorites when it comes to lingerie shopping!


Drop your favorite place in the comments.




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