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  • Mackenzie Slack

Krista's Experience | Bolivar, MO. Luxury Boudoir Photography Studio

Hey there! Welcome to Krista's experience with our boudoir studio located in Bolivar, Missouri! Krista's empowering boudoir session was definitely one for the books. She originally booked as an anniversary gift for her husband, however in addition to fulfilling that wish, we really leaned into empowering her and making it a gift for herself as well!

Check out her answers to the following questions!

1. What was your motivation for booking your boudoir session?

- "Anniversary present!"

2. What made you choose MSP Boudoir?

- "Recommendation from Mikayla" (her daughter-in-law)

4. How did you feel before your session vs after?

- "Nervous VS totally amazing and comfortable."

5. How did you feel seeing your photos for the first time?


6. What was your favorite part about working with our team?

- "How comfortable and at ease you made me feel."

7. How many images did you come in to your session expecting to like? Were you surprised by the number of images you ended up loving?

- "Maybe 10 and I was absolutely shocked I liked so many."

(P.S. She ended up choosing 40 top picks!)

8. Would you say that this experience was worth the investment?

- "Yes"

Working with Krista was so incredible and I can't wait to again in the future! In a Facebook post she shared, she wrote "I never thought I'd like myself as I am. 47 doesn't look so bad after all". - AND DANG THAT MAKES US FEEL GOOD!

Boudoir Photography Client's review

Krista, it was our honor to serve you and provide you with an incredible experience! We know you work so hard and have so much on your plate, you absolutely deserved this special experience! Thank you for choosing our boudoir photography studio and for trusting us here at MSP Boudoir!

If you are inspired by Krista, and are interested in booking an incredible boudoir experience of your own, please contact us at

Serving incredible, every-day women is our passion... and we can't wait to serve you!

xoxo - Mackenzie

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