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Preparing For Your Boudoir Session - Hair Removal Guide

Hair removal - It's probably one of the first things that comes to mind when you think about preparing for your boudoir session (or a day at the lake, date night, etc.). It's important to know that not all hair removal is created equal, and everyone has a different preference.

Hair removal for boudoir photography session

Hey, I'm Mackenzie! I am the owner and photographer at MSP Boudoir Studio in Bolivar, Missouri. As a woman who has very sensitive skin and felt shame towards her body hair for most of her life, I would like to start by saying that whether you choose to rock your body hair or remove it - YOU FREAKING GO, GIRL! You are beautiful and normal either way and you will get zero judgement from our team.

If you do choose to go the hair removal route, here is what you need to know about each of these common options!

  1. Hair Removal Cream - OK, as someone with sensitive skin - this is NOT my favorite option (insert traumatic/funny story about young me using Nair on my bikini line as a teenager). There are a bunch of different brands and this option is easily accessible. But, please proceed with caution. This option typically gives you a few days to a week of hair removal.

  2. Shaving - This option is the most popular and typically what we see chosen the most. It's also the most cost effective method. This typically gives you 2-3 days of hair removal. Here are our recommendations if you are prone to razor burn/razor bumps: Trim hair if it is long, wash with a basic soap in warm water, then exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and give you a closer shave. Next, apply shaving cream or shave butter (OR my favorite, Shave Secret. You can find this in the mens section at Walmart) and shave in the direction that your hair grows. Ditch the pink razor - use a mens 4-blade razor, rinsing between each pass. P.S. Make sure your razor is relatively new - we recommend changing it out once a week. Rinse well and lightly pat dry. To help decrease inflammation, dab the area with witch hazel (Choose one with an alcohol content of 14% or less). Next, apply a thin layer of 1% hydrocortisone cream to the area. Make sure to moisturize in between shaves.

  3. Waxing - Another popular option, but one that is slightly more intimidating, especially if you have never done it. Although it does involve a little more pain than other options, Waxing is a great way to say goodbye to unwanted hair and gives you a longer hair removal time, anywhere between 2-6 weeks. Our biggest tip here - go to a professional! They will walk you through their specific process, how to prepare for your hair removal session, and how to properly care for your bikini area post hair removal! If you are worried about feeling embarrassed, remember that this is what they do for a living and they have seen it all. Just make sure to follow their instructions and you will be just fine!

  4. Laser hair removal - Although this is not a quick method of hair removal, this permanent or semi-permanent option is great for those looking for something long term! If you have a boudoir session coming up, this is likely not the best option for you - at this time, as it does take multiple treatments over an extended period of time to see permanent results.

As mentioned earlier, however you choose to remove (or not remove) hair is a personal choice and is completely up to you!

No matter what you choose, we recommend to avoid doing anything for the first time right before your boudoir session. Everyone's body is different and we don't want to chance an undesirable outcome right before your boudoir session!

xoxo - Mackenzie

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